"The Bulldog" Graphic Art Bronze Filletster Rabbet Plane

10-1/2" Long, 1-1/4" wide cutter with fence and depth gauge.

Weighs a hefty 3.8lbs and is an absolute beauty to hold and use!

Introducing the rebirth of the finest, rarest and most beautiful of all patented rabbet planes ever designed and produced. The design was concieved in the mind of Chapnick Planes owner, Darrell Chapnick. This work of art was then carefully executed through the hands of a master sculptor, whom hand sculpted every fine detail into a prototype clay model. The waxes, pattern boards, molds, ect are all created by hand in house. This includes the machining operations and both lost wax and sand casting processes, all of which we take great pride in here at Chapnick Planes. If not obvious by now, these are NOT made with CNC ROBOTS LIKE EVERYONE ELSE! HUMAN HANDS make all our planes!! Every single plane is painstakingly hand polished and finished to gem-like perfection. We strive to offer an exquisite precision machined masterpiece, something special that is only avaliable from Chapnick Plane Classics.
Each plane is signed and numbered in a limited edition of art bronzes.
In both form and function it is a true MASTERPIECE in plane design. It will make a unique and valuable addition to even the most advanced collections

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"The Mad Planemaker"